Energy Play, Spider the Messenger, and Singing for Elegua

On Sunday night, basically two days ago, another witch and I decided to flex our magical muscles and engage in some energy exercises. We created an energy orb and experimented with various ways to power it and also a few different ways to give it instructions. As usual, I had moderate visual sensory input from the energy orb but was most sensitive to temperature and pressure changes related to our manipulations. Once the orb was formed, it was moderately warmer than the room itself and as I gave it shape, pressure gradients developed to denote its form and location. In terms of visual cues, it seemed white and once we hooked in “power cord” to feed it, it looked a lot like a light bulb just floating in my living room :-). It was great practice for me as well as being huge amounts of fun.

During one of the manipulations, a tiny spider descended from the ceiling directly over our altar and hung out for quite a while. He had the energy signature of a deity so we politely asked him who sent him. He replied Elegua (to me; Legba to the other person). We pondered why Elegua would send a spider. Neither of us had heard of any connections between Elegua and spiders (which doesn’t mean they don’t exist, we just have not heard of any). Our conclusion was that the gods are nothing if not practical. Elegua probably saw that the spider was the only thing around and so decided to send him as a herald. The spider did not seem off-put by the request.

We were honored by the visit, so we laid out an offering of orange-flavored tequila. Elegua also instructed me to sing for him, so I did. I half know one song dedicated to him, entitled Yaba Legba by OshunGaia (I love their work by the way!). I enjoyed singing for him and even considered throwing in a dance step or two but I refrained. I plan to learn a few more songs to sing for him as offerings (of course this is in addition to the rum and candy, which are still on my list of items to procure). I will share how that process proceeds as it moves along.

Praises to Elegua, Opener of the Way!

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