Spiritual Relationships, Blogging, and Privacy

I have been thinking a lot lately about which experiences in my spiritual life are “sharable” and which are not. Thus far in my adventures in blogging, I have not received any red flags from deities, spirits, or ancestors regarding my posts. Though, I do I filter a good bit out and that seems to satisfy the “privacy policy” that they have in place.

But I still wonder how much is too much. What constitutes crossing the line into oversharing? Like I said, I seem to be safe for now, but I do wonder and attempt to identify where the boundaries are. I wonder if I will come to a point on my journey where I am wandering down a secret path and not at liberty to share those experiences. Honestly, I have learned a great deal about myself and sorted out various bits of my path as a result of having to synthesize it for public consumption! Spirituality is a very internal thing and I was not aware of exactly how many of my beliefs, feelings, and processes went unspoken. Blogging brought some things into my conscious awareness.

I suppose I could keep a better personal journal and accomplish much the same thing, but I don’t know if that would be as fulfilling as blogging. I enjoy converting at least some part of the internal into the external so that I can open communications with other people, more than just the folks in my local, personal Pagan network. I say that because sometimes the folks in your own backyard may not be able to relate to a certain experience but some one else out there in the world can. As I mentioned a moment ago, I do have spiritual experiences that I keep to myself, in their entirety. Also, there are some particulars of experiences that I do not share, even though the general gist is on the blog for people to read. Perhaps there are layers and levels of spiritual experience that can be revealed and some layers and levels that remain personal, just between the person and the beings they had the experiences with.

Right now, I seem to have a grasp on what’s publishable and what’s not, but I think I may need to be ready for the terms and conditions of the deities’, ancestors’ and spirits’ privacy policies to shift as our relationships develop and deepen.

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