Future Directions, or Wonderous Roads Thus Far Unwandered

Now seems like a good time to start synthesizing across posts to formulate paths to wander down in the near future. I have the itch and it’s time to move boldly forward with a concerted effort!

Courting the Rune Spirits

The Work: Uruz is calling louder and louder each day. His fires burn bright and I wish to know him better.

The Path: Meditate with Uruz. Journey to meet the Uruz rune spirit. Invoke Uruz in daily life by drawing the symbol over certain my food and beverages, as well as mediating on the attributes that we share.

Strengthening Relations with Land Spirits

The Work: I regularly interact with the Land around me but I do not always tune into the spirits. I seek to know them better, especially my local tree spirits.

The Path: Journey to meet the Tree Spirit where I leave my regular offerings to the Powers. Make offerings just to the Tree Spirit and give due thanks for its past help in conveying my sacrifices to the other worlds.

Bonding with Animal Guides & Shapeshifting

The Work: I have a working relationship with my Barn Owl, Crow, and Coyote but our bond could stand to be deepened. I wish to initiate that process, if they are willing. I also hope that they will teach me how to shapeshift more efficiently and effectively.

The Path: Make offerings with greater regularity. Journey to determine exactly what they like (I have been trying to sort this out for a while). Journey simply to commune with each of them on a regular basis. Ask if one of them will show me how to properly shapeshift.

Speaking with the Ancestors

The Work: My recently deceased ancestors are known to me and I have begun remembering them but those who are long passed from this incarnation are harder to hear and honor. I seek to improve my relations with them.

The Path: Make regular offerings. Set aside regular communion time at their altar and listen closely for whispers, squint for visions that may surface, and enter deep trance for more in-depth contact.

Increasing Wort Cunning

The Work: I want to gain a better knowledge of the health and healing uses of herbs, in concert with the plant spirits themselves.

The Path: Study the health benefits of various common herbs. Journey to meet the plant spirits/make contact via direct communication (shift consciousness and talk directly with a living plant). Make offerings.

Working Wyrd

The Work: I would like to learn to see Wyrd more clearly and to work with altering it.

The Path: My hunch is that the only way to learn to do this without screwing something up is to apprentice with a willing deity or spirit. I will journey to gain insight in the matter and gauge the chances of being apprenticed to someone.


The Work: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”!

The Path: Volunteer with local resource and support centers. Write letters to appropriate government offices for environmental and conservation efforts as well as legislation to improve the social conditions of various demographics. My goal is to do all of these things as someone who is openly Pagan. I also wish to appeal to the spirits, ancestors, and Gods for guidance on what acts in this World are most likely to serve them and their needs.

This summer is a great time to begin these many Works.

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