Lighting Hekate’s Sacred Fire

Last night, around 7:30pm, I held a small, simple Hellenic-type ritual in honor of the Goddess Hekate. A good friend of mine, Ms. Scorpio attended the ritual as well, which was a little odd because I complete the ritual solo last year so I found myself being alittle shy actually having some one else present. I am not totally sure why that was the case, given that I have circled with Ms. Scorpio tons of times.

For the ritual, I modifed the Hellenic structure to include the lighting of Hekate’s sacred flame as a part of the Rite of Her Sacred Fires organized by Sorita d’Este and company, and also to include the passing of blessed wine to draw Ms. Scorpio and I closer to the Lady’s gifts.

We began with a cleansing/washing away of miasma with khernips. I offered a prayer of invitation to Hekate, we sprinkled oats on the altar (because I did not have any barley on hand), burned incense (Frankincense as well as the Hekate Incense from Forest Grove Botanica), lit her flame, sang a hymn that I wrote for Her, passed a blessed cup, and completed some tarot divination. The cards offered the kind of friendly, but stern, advice that I have come to expect from Hekate. She warned me for the second time that our work together would not be easy and that I could not bail out when times get tough, and they will get tough. I acknowledged her warning and informed Her that my resolve had not wavered even after being twice-warned.

Throughout the ritual, I could feel a sliver of Her presence but the primary point of contact was Her voice in my head. Ms. Scorpio said that she could hear (not the voice in my head, but) the apartment humming with energy. Nice to know that the energetics of the event were not all in my skull.

It was my pleasure to honor Hekate along with thousands of her other devotees, torchbearers, and keybearers around the world as a part of the second annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires. I look forward to observing this rite every year that it continues on. Hail Hekate, Triple-Formed Goddess of the Crossroads! Hail Mistress of Life, Death and Rebirth! Hail Mighty Queen of the Yawning Dark!


5 thoughts on “Lighting Hekate’s Sacred Fire

  1. Thanks for sharing! I have never heard of Khernips before, but a quick Googling has set me straight. Is yours Ocean/Spring water?. If it’s not too personal to ask, the tough times that she speaks of, are they directly as a result of being a Hekate devotee? I only ask because at the moment, my life is unbearably difficult and I don’t think I can take on any more tough times :-/. Thanks T!

    • Hekate requires her devotees (folks who plan to do her Work) to be introspective as well as proactive in their own betterment. She’s all about refining the self so that one can do whatever work she has called one to do, whether it be priestesshood, nursing, seership, or what have you. That’s what the tough times were referring to, the difficulties of becoming, of improving the self. My guess is that any difficulties/challenges you are working through now “count” toward your betterment, and Hekate may be willing to offer guidance along the way!

    • My experience with Hecate is that she expects her devotees to be *doing something* about their difficulties. She doesn’t add new difficulties, but if one is avoiding dealing with ones issues, she will use the difficulties as a flail to make one take action.

      So, if you are working through your difficulties, those will, as Tamilia said, count. But if you aren’t, you really don’t want to deal with Hecate!

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