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Fehu and Uruz: Unleashing the True Self

Other authors have already said a great deal about Fehu and Uruz, the first two runes of the first aett of the Elder Futhark. What follows is my perspective on Fehu and Uruz based on my interactions with them in meditation and divination. Ok, here we go…

On a concrete or material level, Fehu is linked to wealth or riches in a state of expansion, growth. Outside the context of money or currency, Fehu is concerned with resources, the key components for building life, health, and happiness both at the individual and the community level (e.g., rich soil, wind, rain, fruit-bearing trees, livestock, timber for shelter, fibers for clothing, and the who chain of life that begets life). Fehu is often concerned with “the raw materials”, their function, and their value or worth before, during, and after being harnessed by hard working hands. Just as Fehu in reading or vision can indicate questions of worth related to raw materials, on a psychological level, she can indicate your perception of your own worth. We could also read the value and worth concepts as mundane proxies for the more ethereal notion of potential, that which is coiled within awaiting release via some kinetic process; thereby linking Fehu to production, the process of unlocking the potential contained within raw material. Fehu is a representative of the design, the plan, the beginning when all things are possible, and the initiation of the process/production that will yield something that is hopefully greater that any of the individual raw materials alone. She is a powerful ally indeed if you can court her.

With regard to deity alliances, Fehu seems to share affinity with the Vanir in general and with Freyja (and Frey) in particular. Both Fehu and Freyja have investments in potential’s uncoiling and raw forces coalescing. Fehu (and Freyja too) if willing can aid with psycho-transformation by helping you to take stock of your potential/raw materials – skills, talents, personality quirks, thoughts, feelings, goals, and aspirations – and in so doing realize your worth, what you have to offer to yourself and to others.

Uruz in my experience is “step two”. What has been initiated, the potential that is coalescing, must take shape. What you set into motion with Fehu must manifest in solid form. Uruz’s energy is both the thrust of will needed to give something form and the final product. He is the exemplar of will made manifest. However, Uruz is not concerned with instantaneous manifestation sans effort. No, in fact he appreciates and invites strength of will, strength of character, and due diligence. Uruz’s power can be wild (seemingly uncontrolled/uncontrollable) when first encountered but once you know what drives him, you see that his ferocity is combined with goals and plans laid. Invoking his power can see you through to extraordinary ends. Uruz is interesting because of his momentum, when at full throttle, he can deliver mighty successes. If you enlist his aid, he has the added benefit of dulling doubts that might otherwise thwart your plans. Uruz is the wild, sure, and passionate True Will, the grit that underlies existence. Invoke Uruz to seek who and what and why and how you really are, all bullshit and self-doubt aside. This is the psycho-transformative gift of Uruz for those who know how to ask him for it, properly sacrifice in exchange for his aid, and fight the good inner fight for his blessings.

At present, no Norse/Germanic deity alliances with Uruz come to mind; however, in my work with the lessons of this particular rune spirit, Dionysos has come alongside Uruz to lay a pearl of wisdom or two on me. Dionysos is associated with bulls (uncastrated males of the modern cattle variety), a similar but distinct species from the ancient aurochs or urus of Eurasia from which the rune Uruz gets his name (or maybe it was the Uruz rune spirit who lent his name to the beast). Dionysos has a few bull-related praise names: Axios Tauros (The Worthy Bull), Boukeros (The Bull-horned One), Taurokeros Theos (Bull-horned God), and Tauropon (The Bull-faced One). Also, as a side note, I feel compelled to note that although Dionysos is not emergent from the cultural context that gave rise to the runes, he does seem to share qualities with Uruz and they most definitely have a rapport, so I look forward to being co-taught by Uruz and Dionysos, at least for a time.

I feel I have learned only an inch of the soul-stirring, wyrd-working lessons Fehu and Uruz have to teach; I know that I have miles to go still and I cannot wait!

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