Orisha Elegua’s Sweet Tooth

So, random comment: A while back I posted about offerings for Elegua, Oya, and my ancestors. My intuition (or Elegua himself) kicked in and said he would like a dark liquor like rum, paired with some sort of candy. Well, I just bothered to research rum today, because I was curious about what it’s made from. Low and behold, rum is made of molasses or sometimes directly from sugarcane itself. Of course rum is not sweet to the taste but I have to give him points for being consistent :-D. He likes his offerings sugar based.

7 thoughts on “Orisha Elegua’s Sweet Tooth

  1. Hello all. I would pose a couple questions on Elegua. Using google, I came upon this link. Recently, I have been drawn to this Orisha. I have very limited knowledge of these things, but this started via many coincidences I suppose you could call them as well as dreams. Through a dream, I have been instructed to make an “Elegua” head I guess it is called. I do know that seeing this from what I have read in other places, folks will cringe at this thought – however, this is what I feel strongly I must do. This is to be made from cement, some graveyard dirt (taken from a specific place). Also, I am supposed to get some turlte shell, grind it, and place it inside. Afterwards, other instructions will follow. Now, I know this may sound far fetched a bit – I find it hard to believe myself!

    So, one question is this: Is this something typical? In other words, is this something that has happened to others that otherwise have zero knowledge of this sort of thing? One final question is: I have found no connection in reading with a turtle and Elegua, so perhaps there is something wrong here (although this part was very specific in a dream and went so far as to show me how to get the shell to ground to a powder…over several dreams). What are your thoughts? Perhaps I am just loosing it. I have told no one of these things until here. Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Francis, I recently discovered Eleggua. I think it’s wonderful you are making your own headstone. someone came into my life and handed me my Eleggua headstone. the person who handed me this is a clairvoyant person and is very knowledgeable about Eleggua. you are not loosing it, I sincerely think you found something very special and you need to stay focused and follow your visions and dreams and most of all pure respect to Eleggua.

  2. I tend to use spiced or dark rum when I want to heat him up, and make things happen. But I use white rum as his general offering and when I want to cool him, as he is active enough in my life! Say hi to him when you walk in my door tomorrow.

  3. I have just finished catching up on your posts (and I got your email. Thanks alot, and will be responding in a few minutes. The post on Fehu. O.M.G. I re-read it about four times. Ill post more there because I am working backwards). As for Eleggua, this is what I know about his rum preference: Use sugarcane rum like Rhum Barbancourt or 10 Cane. These rums are made directly from pure sugarcane and not molasses (molasses are waste). Hope this helps in ‘finetuning’ things down. How exciting that your relationship with him is growing. Eleggua is the most powerful Orisha and I can only wonder what things he has in store for you 🙂

    • Elegua and I are chugging along. I will post more as the relationship develops. Thanks for the rum tip! That is super helpful!! How you ever worked closely with him? Any other tips are more than welcome :-D. Thanks again!

    • Alex~
      You seem to know quite a bit about Eleggua…and have a *lot* of respect for him (which I totally dig!). Which ADR branch are you involved with, or are you working on your own? Just curious…many of the Houses of Santeria that we’ve come in contact with give Eleggua lip service, at best, and are disrespectful in general. It’s very refreshing to read comments from someone else who gives Eleggua his due–and actually “gets” him! 😀

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