Hekate and Mercury: The Conspirators

On April 18th, during a reading with the fabulous Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels, I had the realization that Hekate and Mercury not only talk with one another but that they actually have a relationship that is highly complementary. Do I believe that the gods spend all of their time wrapped up in the affairs of individual mortals? No. Do I believe that they talk about us with one another and co-plan certain aspects of our lives? Yes! Any one who works with more than one god intuitively knows this. I, on the other hand, am quite late to this realization!

I know that Hekate and Mercury have a good relationship regardless of my involvement, but it never occurred to me that they coordinate their efforts in my life specifically. From my personal gnosis about how they work with me, Hekate keeps track of the grand scheme of things and my life’s trajectory while Mercury seems to enjoy being the executor, the guy who makes things happen, who sorts out the details. Given his involvement in the minutia of everyday life in general, this makes a lot of sense. I can see the god who deals with public transportation, email, the internet, telephone lines, business, politics, and the economy being involved in making sure that I encounter who I am supposed to encounter, when I am supposed to encounter them, so that certain spiritual and mundane processes in my life happen in ways that likely feedback into their larger goals. This reminds me of a previous post where I highlighted that Mercury tends to be Mr. Telephone Man. He has been present at pretty much every major deity connection I have made!

This most recent connection with Dionysos is no different. Hekate attended me during Dionysos’ initial overtures and entry. Mercury stayed out of sight until the 18th of April when the deal between all of us was pretty much sealed, a deal for which I am still trying to get someone to reveal the exact terms, conditions, and fine print! I guess that’s called being in a relationship. This is after all a social contract at its most basic level, though it involves gods and a mortal.

P.S. I still feel a little crazy sometimes talking about relationships with gods. It just feels so presumptuous. I am working on my issues with it. I promise. I just have to remind myself that the gods are our Elder Kin and they really are invested. I am just hoping I can meet their expectations, which seem very high given the amount of time they spend Working with (on?) me. Gasp! (no, seriously…GASP!!)


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