Thinking about Inking: Libra Lament

So, I have several planets in Libra including my Moon and Mars, two important inner planets. These are two planets that definitely influence decision making, at least peripherally. The moon is about the subconscious, unconscious, and inner feelings and Mars is all about your impetus, your passion (aggression and rage, also), and your energy to get up and go, to do something, anything! So as you might imagine, with these two planets so ill-placed, I tend to think and over-think everything. I decide and then I decide again which negates my having decided! Such has been the song and dance surrounding my “decision” to get one or more spiritually related tattoos.

The Valknut or "Knot of the Slain", Symbol of Odin

I have a number of ideas floating around in my head, many of them Norse/Germanic themed. Right now, I am thinking of inking all 24 Futhark runes, either on my back or on my left arm. A few other possible tattoos include torches and/or a skeleton key for Hekate or a stylized tribal Barn Owl – my fylgja/soul-fetch. I have also been intensely debating whether or not to get a Valknut. Here Odin sounds a little like Hekate in that he insists that I make the choice; he’s not demanding anything. And, yes, I am fully aware of what a Valknut tattoo would mean. That is why I am still debating it. You have to understand the inner debate is not about my devotion to Odin, it’s about my Libraness, hence the lament. The bigger the decision, the bigger the debate, the less I ink, the more I think, and the more annoyed I become. Good gods, it’s a vicious cycle!

I am completely open to sage advice from those who currently have devotional tattoos. Your wisdom is welcomed here!

2 thoughts on “Thinking about Inking: Libra Lament

  1. I say go for it I myself have dedicational tattoos being on my right arm an elaborate Mjölnir tattoo and Thor’s name written in Elder Futhark down my right forearm and on my left arm I have Odin written in Elder Futhark down the left forearm I plan on getting the valknut on my left shoulder and the Elder Futhark alphabet around my left wrist and the final one I plan on getting the Norwegian flag on my right shoulder being that my family is from Norway I’m am also honoring my roots.

  2. Well…you know what I would say. (Go for it!). But then, my first tattoo was spiritual in nature, and fairly large…You could always get more than one tattoo, so your first one wouldn’t have to be the Valknut. I plan on getting more spiritually themed tattoos but currently lack the funds to do so in a quality manner. When I was first trying to figure out what design I should go with (and as a Virgo, I over-think things in general) I unintentionally slipped into trance while thinking about the issue, and a clear image came to me. I started drawing on the nearest paper surface (which happened to be a napkin) so I wouldn’t forget it. You’ll just *know* when the right idea comes along. Not sure if that’s helpful advice or not. I’ll be excited to see your future tattoo though!

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