Spirit Sight: Seeking the Wights

Perfect for seeing Wights

Smoky Quartz Stone

I have had the most amazing piece of smoky quartz lying around for ages. It is nearly round and very clear. Every time I take it out of its pouch, I hold it up to my eye expecting to see Wights (another word for nature spirits). Alas, I have seen none to date through the smoky quartz, but my intuition will not allow me to drop the matter. So, I took it with me the last time I went to Fox Ridge with my Catskin Sisters, which was in late April. We went in broad daylight and were busy huffing it up the stairs to the Eagle’s Nest. So, when I looked through my quartz between gasps, I saw nothing. Still, I had hope.

When I showed it to Cindy, she agreed that it just may have magic(k)al potential and, being a metalworker,  offered to transform the smoky quartz into a quizzing glass for my Wight-seeking pleasure. I was and still am ecstatic! I mean really, who does not want a quizzing glass, or better yet, a monocle! She may be able to craft it in such a way that it can double as both a quizzing glass and a monocle. I plan to follow up with her as soon as I have the funds to bring her Dwarf-like metalworking talents under my employ.

While at Fox Ridge, on Cindy’s awesome suggestion, I immersed the smoky quartz in the stream that runs through the wild areas of the state park, asking a blessing and boon of the wights to empower it for Sight. Once Cindy has crafted it, hopefully by Samhain I will have a tool to add to my Wight-Sight kit alongside the oils and ointments. I will consecrate it at that time and go a-looking!

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