Oleum of Yggdrasil from Forest Grove Botanica

Several weeks ago the Oleum of Yggdrasil arrived from Forest Grove Botanica! Thus far, I have used the oil twice as a part of my preparation and anointing before a personal divination session. Both times, I used it to trace either the Elhaz or the Eihwaz rune onto my brow. I also put a dab on the back of my neck and on my pulse points. I have found that the oil helps to expand the consciousness and open one’s awareness to happenings across the veil. For me, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes (depending on how much I use) to seep in through the pores and begin its work. The Yggdrasil oil made it easier to tune into the spirit world. Overall, I am very happy with the oil and would purchase it again without hesitation.

The oil on my Odin altar next to my representation of the World Tree and my pouch of Futhark runes

I had a conversation with a subset of The Catskin Sisters about my first experience with the Oleum of Yggdrasil, and others of Sarah Lawless’ products. The three of us made the distinction between witches who have products for sale and witches who make spiritual crafts available for purchase. Lawless is the latter. We all have a great appreciation for the quality of her work and the service she offers the community by making her crafts available.

Whenever she closes her store, I shed a tear and wait longingly for the reopening. Oh June 1st, will you ever arrive?!


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