A Stave of Ironwood

Finally…finally a staff has come to me, a stave of Ironwood wrestled from the etins of Fox Ridge. Unfortunately, I was not dressed for wrestling etins on the damp Saturday afternoon in late April when we went seeking (bad planning on my part, I know!) but Cindy was indeed clothed for the mighty work at hand. She fought as my champion and won this stave in my name.

A Winding Stave for the Winding Road

I will allow it to dry, probably until Yule, at which point in time I will strip the bark, rub the shorn staff with the appropriate protective oils to waterproof the wood (thanks for the woodworking tips, Cindy!). I hope to sain and consecrate the stave for journey-work and deity/spirit communication at the start of the 2011 Wild Hunt. I may even have a three or nine day blessing ceremony beginning in mid-December, just before or right on Mother Night and extending through the first few days of the Hunt. As part of the saining and consecration, I will add glass and gemstone beads (for my gods, the wights, and my ancestors), small bells (for warding and protection), and possibly some fur and/or bone from the animals that guide me on my path (Coyote and Crow, no Barn Owl inclusions due to legal restrictions). I also wish to carve or burn a few runes into the stave. Eihwaz is a common journey rune that I utilize often in my work. Elhaz is another, for protection and connection to deities and spirits. Ansuz for Old One-Eye, the original Wanderer (Gangleri and Vegtam are common epithets of Odin). Fehu or Kenaz for Freyja, the Spádis herself, Seidhkona of Seidhkonas. Berkana or Laguz (leaning toward Laguz) for Nerthus, Lady of Birch and Bog. And maybe, just maybe, a rune or three (Perthro, Nauthiz, and/or Hagalaz) for the Nornir, the executors of Wyrd. I will listen for each of their voices to see what they will.

Hail the Ironwood stave! May our journeys together be blessed!


4 thoughts on “A Stave of Ironwood

  1. Shining Star (Cody), thanks for sharing your personal view of the runes. While I do not agree with all of your points, I appreciate your taking the time to add your voice to the conversation. I hope to hear more of your thoughts about various posts in the future.

  2. Try using the healing runes and ask for guidance and approval using a personal crystal pendulum. Further, the blank rune refers to the Divine, the Uknowable. Runes are meant in their ourest reading to be a highly personal lesson and gather their power from you and your innocence of heart. The runes are highly effective teachers and carry Big Medicine unique to each person who reads them. They ARE NOT fortune telling trinkets BUT DO tell the future through and to the eyes of their reader, muhalo friends, peace be with you 🙂

  3. Your posts really make me reconsider the way I currently view Runes. What advice would you give someone who is thinking of buying them? I ask because I have heard that there are ‘New Age’ versions which are corrupt versions of the original ones. Thank you!

    • What’s your current thinking on runes? I want to make sure I am understanding your take on runes now before giving too much advice. The one bit of advice that that I would give without having much knowledge of your views is purchase a rune set that is made of wood or bone, or make them yourself (the ideal option for many rune workers and something that I am moving towards!). Also, avoid rune sets that contain a blank rune! That is not supported in the lore and erodes the magical/spiritual integrity of the rune set, IMHO. If the only sets that you like happen to have a 25th blank or so called “wyrd” rune, you could always choose not to use that one particular rune. You know, buy the rune set but put that one rune aside.

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