Pagan Spirit Gathering Preparations

The Pagan Spirit Gathering is only the single most anticipated event of the year for any travel-hungry, festival-going North American witch. I have been makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice since the Labyrinth lights were extinguished at PSG 2010, which I sadly did not attend.

The two years that I did attend PSG (2008 and 2009) were memorable, to say the least. Between the rituals, late night drum circles, wonderful people, and spiritual freedom, I was hooked. I knew I would go every year of my life, as long as I had wheels to carry me. This year, it’s on! A small group of folks that I know are just as geeked about going as I am! I’ll be the only “seasoned” PSGer among us but I am sure when we arrive they will catch the Spirit and it will be like it is for most folks – they will feel like they have come Home.

The hardest part of preparing to return Home has been finding my own tent. I want to have a nice, roomy, inexpensive tent that will sustain me comfortably for 8 days but finding such an elusive animal has been…difficult. I have a few prospects but it’s looking like I am going to acquire the same tent as another PSG traveller. It is a great tent – the Copper Canyon. It is a nicer version of my original choice, the Bear Mountain by Gigatent. I’ll keep my finger crossed and dig my stakes deep and hope for the best while camping on an open plain for 8 days in central Illinois with a straight-sided tent. I will go ahead and do my Hail Thors now :-).

All the other elements of planning are pretty simple and are falling into place nicely. Even with the loss of a vehicle (*weeps* turns out our second chariot operator, Ms. Scorpio, can’t go this year) , we are still in the game. Mr. Scorpio (no relation) has a vehicle that should get the job done. So, in a few weeks, we will be off!

PSG, here we come!


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