Freyja: Our Lady of Embodied Experience

The road to Freyja’s mysteries has been long, winding, and more than a little difficult to navigate. In my first encounter with her, she appeared as a wild woman with fire in her pale blue eyes, covered in animal skins and furs. Her hair was braided, twisted, and knotted in various places, however it was clear that it was just how she liked it. All she did was stare at me with those crazy eyes and a little smirk on her face. She was silent and so was I as I attempted to make sense of the whole encounter. Mind you, this run in was over a year ago and I do not remember if I sought her out or if I was engaged in quite a different task when she manifested. Whatever the case, I did not forget who and what I saw. I remember thinking then that she was different than I had imagined she would be. For some reason, I had expected a more…domestic figure. Passionate and free yes but still more tame than the being that greeted me in that vision. Simply put, when I first began to work with Freyja, I had NO clue what to do with her. She seemed so different from me. I could not fathom a beginning place in my psychotransformative work with her.

Frankly she scared me. My relationship with my body and my self-image is tumultuous. Obviously, working with a sensual goddess puts me at a loss. Freyja is rooted in flesh, in tactile and sensory experiences that shape our inner relationship with the outer world. Freyja is sensuality, wild, rugged, and free in addition to sensuality as it is acceptably expressed within socially normed spaces, but the impression I have consistently gotten from Freyja is that she is closer to the edge of social norms than the heart of them. When things get too tame and comfortable she will protest and instigate an explosion into new, more overt ways of being.

Seidhr by Marc Potts

It was not until recently that I realized that Freyja can be who and what she pleases exactly when she pleases. She can be the wild free woman on the edges of Asgard or the cool, collected mistress of Sessrumnir in Folkvang. She can be the sultry maker and breaker of hearts or the irate goddess violently rejecting attempts by the (male) gods to sell her off into a marriage that she had no interest in. First Chooser of the Slain. Wyrd Worker. Seeress. Vanadis (Lady of the Vanir). Mardoll (“Sea Bright”). Syr (“The Sow”). Gefn (“The Giver”). Her faces are many and she owns them all fully and completely.

Freyja is the mind and spirit fully integrated into and unleashed upon the world through the sacred vessel of the body. It is through our bodies, no matter their form, that we interact with the world. Our minds and spirits generate material to be sent through the body out into shared spaces and those spaces generate material that is fed back into our bodies for us to make sense of. Via this process, our bodies are tools with which to shape and be shaped by the world.

Hail Freyja, Our Lady of Embodied (Sensual) Experience! I look forward to our Work.


4 thoughts on “Freyja: Our Lady of Embodied Experience

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  2. Wow. All I can say is…wow. I’ve had issues with many of the “love” goddesses; by issues I mean that I really have never felt I could relate to many of them. Truth being they’ve all got a bad reputation, much like Freyja. She’s never spoken to me, but I have to say I’d be far more open to her…or to any of the ladies in charge of love…knowing your experience with Freyja. Truly amazing. And encouraging!

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