Nerthus: Our Lady of the Ineffable

The last several weeks seem to be an important time for me. I am going through some significant spiritual, emotional, and psychological changes. These transition-laden times tend to get a girl thinking about significant past spiritual experiences, especially divine encounters. Of course, one of my most intimate spiritual experiences was in March 2010 when the Goddess Hekate was drawn down on me by a friend during a small ritual at my home. I remember that Hekate was the goddess who was entering my body but Nerthus played an important role in helping to deepen my grounding so that I could better create and maintain a connection with Hekate for the duration.

At first blush, I thought that Nerthus’ presence was purely functional, but now I realize that her presence had a secondary but no less important purpose; Nerthus was there as a sort of divine high priestess, to oversee and bless my very physical, very body oriented sacred experience. The surrender of body to Another, the process by which the spirit is pushed aside to make way for the Spirit of Another, it is all blessed, all sacred, all holy and Nerthus was there to see it through. They do not call the point of surrender a “crisis moment” for nothing. I doubt there is anything more frightening and exhilarating than giving up your vessel in this world for a god to joy ride in it for even a few minutes. In the face of that terror, Nerthus was with me, facilitating and sanctifying the surrender.

Some might wonder why Hekate would not fill that role herself. Honestly, I can’t tell you. Maybe she was busy trying to shimmy her size 24 butt into my size 2 body and she needed someone to help her suck it all in because I was being particularly resistant. Maybe Nerthus as a deity near to my heart just wanted to be there and be involved. Maybe my body issues demanded the presence of a deity who specializes in such things. Maybe it was like Sacred Marriage where sometimes you need a priest and/or members of the community to verify that the marriage was consummated. I don’t know. All I know is that Nerthus was there and she aided my transition into a deeper relationship with Hekate by helping me get in touch with and then surrender my body to a new experience of the divine.

The experience was huge. It was powerful. It was like no other. It was awesome. It was amazing. Um, yeah, all of those words fall short; it was ineffable!


One thought on “Nerthus: Our Lady of the Ineffable

  1. Greetings Wandering Woman-I came across your blog while looking for info on goddess Nerthus-thank you for the article,I think it will clear up our circles discussion,she got a bit confused, do you think then she is the “unnamed sister of Njord,so possibly the mother of the twins Frey and Frejya?.I am a devotee and preistess of Frejya,myself,tho work with other deities as they present themselves.As a 35 year Wiccan,I am so pleased to see so many new folk come to this path,and as a fellow Illinoisian, Id be thrilled to correspond with you again,keep up the awesome posts!

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