Major Changes Are Brewing.

Do you ever get the feeling that major transitions are on the horizon? That you may wake up one morning and the world will look the same but (underneath the magickal glamor designed to deceive you) actually be different? That was what Monday, April 4th felt like. It was the day after the New Moon, two days after the Dark Moon – Hekate’s Time to Reign. Transitional, restless energy has been pretty high from my perspective since just before the March 20th equinox and it culminated in a razor sharp moment around 1:00pm on Monday afternoon. The day was overcast, a couple of crows were circling and I suddenly felt like I was everywhere and nowhere in an instant. I felt when it must be link to be forever between two states of being. Everything felt, feels like it’s changing but nothing has actually completed the journey across the liminal spaces; consequently, everything is changing but nothing has quite officially changed! For me, that is a very disorienting but strangely pleasant sensation.

Hekate draws nigh. Between my transforming spiritual desires, uncertain professional plans, shifting academic goals, increasing family expectations, sometimes crushing social pressures, significant political events, and quiet storm of daily life, I have been sensing her influence everywhere. She is always around, managing the business of being and becoming and always offering me guidance but there are times when I am more firmly tuned to her signal and this is one of those times. I find myself talking to her and speaking of her more and more. Craving the resolution of this cycle’s transits but reveling in the strange euphoria produced by things being ever so slightly off kilter.

Hail Hekate! Goddess of Transition, Owner of the Liminal Spaces, Mistress of Transformation, Lady of Blessed Becoming!


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