Seeking the Egun

On Sunday, March 20th, a friend of mine brought over some kick ass “Ancestor Incense” from – you guessed it – Forest Grove Botanica. So, being witchy ladies, we fired up the charcoal block, sprinkled on the incense, lit some candles, cast circle, called our patron gods, and stirred the Ancestors. Once the magic(k) was worked, we slipped into light trance and communed with our dead.

Those closest to my heart who passed in not so distant years were the first to drop by. My uncle who passed away in October2005 seemed to take the lead. He was warm and welcoming. His warm presence calmed my fears about contacting my dead. My aunt who passed in March 2000 came second. She was bright eyed and full of smiles. Her primary concern seemed to be her children, both of whom are still very much alive. She wanted me to let them know that she is with them and watches their backs. The last visitor was my grandmother. She passed away in December 1989. She said the least and seemed a little reticent to get too involved in my conversation with my aunt and uncle (her children).

My overall emotional state was one of joy and relief because they were together and they were clearly at peace with “life on the other side”. Furthermore, their personalities were intact. My uncle was just as warm as he was in life and my aunt just as buoyant and my grandmother just as analytical (but not aloof, I think she was assessing the situation). I remember crying while talking with them because I could feel how proud they were of me and they said as much. Also, they stressed that just because they transitioned to another way of being that does not mean that our relationship has to be over. It was extremely comforting to know that I still have access to them and can call on them for solace in times of sorrow and for good company in times of joy.

I think that they are the first wave and that I have many more ancestors with whom I can connect as I reach out more often and with more confidence.


4 thoughts on “Seeking the Egun

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  2. That would be fantastic! I’d love to swap notes with you. It’s phenomenal to find someone whose path is as…varied…as mine is. Can’t wait to see your post in the morning. The email addy I use most is the same one I use for the WordPress account. Looking forward to it!

  3. I see you’ve posted a bit about Oya…and that you’re working with your ancestors. Have you set up a Boveda yet? Curious…I know it’s hard to find information on the Afro-Carribbean religions in English, and harder still to find GOOD information, period. I’m on a somewhat similar path, trying to blend my non-AfroCarribbean deities with this new information. Thought maybe I could compare notes…?

    • Yes, I created my ancestor altar almost one week ago. I hope to add more to it as time moves on and as funds permit. The post is scheduled to publish tomorrow morning around 8am CST. I include a picture in the post; hopefully it’s not too fuzzy. Also, yes, I am always happy to compare notes! Would you like me to email you in the near future about swapping notes?

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