Hekate Incense from Forest Grove Botanica

For Yule last year, I received a 0.5 ounce pack of “Hecate Incense” made by Forest Grove Botanica. The botanica is run by a wonderfully talented mystic, witch, and spirit-worker. Her site is undergoing some spring cleaning, as is her inventory. When she returns to the web around March 31st, the botanica shop can be found here: http://forestgrovebotanica.com/.

About the incense: From my experiences with it, it has a sweetly dark aroma laced with wafts of earthiness. It also has a trance-inducing quality. The smoke can be breathed in but do not do so while standing too close for too long (it is smoke after all). If you stand a foot or so away and breathe normally. You will find yourself slipping into trance, perhaps more easily that you typically would without the aid of the incense. Naturally, you might use an incense entitled “Hecate Incense” to draw closer to the goddess. When I burn this concoction and breathe deep, I feel Her presence on the periphery of my awareness as my consciousness begins to shift.

Overall, I have been very pleased with this incense and hope to be able to obtain more from Forest Grove Botanica when business resumes!


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