Coyote Spirit

I have been thinking about my work with my animal guides lately. I recently realized that I write a bit about Barn Owl but a lot less about Coyote. So, I thought it appropriate to share one of my first experiences with animal spirits/guides in general and one with Coyote in particular. It was in late 2009, September to be exact that I had an encounter with Coyote, I needed to transform and Coyote came to instigate the process. Here’s the story. It is also available at this link, where it first appeared in my section of the Catskin Sisters blog:

I had a few of my Pagan friends over to my place on Labor Day weekend. That Monday, we all sat down for some meditation. During my meditation, because Coyote had been calling to me for a while, my goal was to journey, make contact, and confirm (or deny) our business together. This was my experience…

I grounded, centered, and opened myself to the influence of the prenite, carnelian, and septarian stones cupped in my right hand. I made a silent call to the Coyote spirit that first introduced itself to me in early August. As I entered my meditative state, I received two flashes. In the first, I could see myself dancing in animal skins around a fire with snarling Coyote on the other side. Then, in the next, I could see Coyote running through my living room leading me out through the back door of my second floor apartment onto the patio, down into the parking lot and around to another apartment where I was waiting for myself. Coyote arrived first in this strange new apartment. I followed immediately behind him. Much to my surprise, I encountered the “other me”. She invited me in while she stroked Coyote’s fur.

Soon it occurred to me that my conscious mind was still pulling some strings, so I allowed myself to fall deeper into meditation and listen more closely to Coyote. At that moment, I was in Allerton Park (a beautifully natural place that I have only visited once in my waking life), dressed in a white gown. When I realized where I was, I sat near four stone pillars that stand in the park, not too far from The Last Centaur statue. (Given that I am a Sagittarius, that seemed pretty significant to me.) Coyote met me at the pillars where I was seated. He was wilder than his previous iterations. Quite unexpected, he placed his paw on my leg (to claim me?). He then yelped to call in more of his Coyote brethren. At this point, I was nervous. In previous meditative flashes involving Coyote, I was surrounded by him and others of his kind…and they always looked hungry! Now, here I am in middle of Allerton with Coyotes converging on me. I was sincerely afraid.

Although I knew that I was in no “danger”, I knew that a real change was about to occur. A necessary change. So, no, there was no miraculous save; they ate me. Ripping, tearing, chewing, and coming back for more, they ate.  My patron deities, Hekate and Mercury, came to witness the rite. When the Coyote spirits were about half way through me, I got the distinct feeling of being in two places at once. Part of me was still being eaten and another part was among the Coyote spirit pack. Very strange sensation. When all the flesh was consumed, we Coyotes gathered the bones (I carried the skull) and cremated them at the base of the Centaur. Into the flames with the bones, I tossed Mugwort (for Hekate) and Lavender (for Mercury) as offerings. Coyote then spoke to me. He said that I have strength, intuition, and wisdom and that my true self is meant to be in the world.

With those words, I emerged into the waking world.

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