Selenite Visions of Odin

On Tuesday, November 22nd, a close witchy friend of mine let me cuddle with her selenite egg. For those of you who don’t know, a large enough piece of selenite will powerfully shift your consciousness. So, I snatched up the opportunity and buckled in for the ride.

To start, I held the egg in my left (receptive) hand, closed my eyes, and reached toward a trance state. As a prelude to trance, I ground and center, first extending my consciousness toward the earth and then up toward the sky. On occasion, I will snap back into regular consciousness, which is very annoying. So, with the help of the selenite egg, I worked to consciously take note of how tranced I was at any given time and then inch it deeper. The imagery for this trance session was a little different than usually. Normally, I use a tree image – roots and branches. This time around I got the roots down and deep but instead of a tree trunk extending up into branches from those deep roots, the image was of a gradually ascending spire, perhaps made of some natural stone. I felt like I was riding the spire into the sky. It was strange because I felt as thought I was moving upward but “joltingly” such that I fell downward just a little before moving upward again.

Once atop the spire, jutting into space, warmed by the sun in the company of stars, I did not know how to go further so I just let it happen. Suddenly I took off to my left while shapeshifting into an animal form. At the point of shifting, I could briefly see my white feathers, but I was unsure of my species. That thought faded quickly into the background of my mind as I flew over a sparsely wooded area. Snow covered the ground and the trees (oaks I think, after looking around online) were broad with twisted bare branches reaching toward the twilight sky.  I landed in the snow while shifting into a wolf with thick white fur. I could feel the cold (though it did not bother me) and the wind crashing against my nose which was being filled with a number of smells from near and far. I reduced by pace because I could sense that I was close to where I was supposed to be. I approached one of the oaks and with the last lingering bit of my momentum, shapeshifted into human form. Wrapped in white furs that covered a beautiful white gown, I reached out to touch the majestic tree with my bare hand which was quickly made cold by the harsh winter climate.

I noticed an Elhaz rune (sometimes called Algiz and linked by Diana Paxson to the relationship one has to one’s fylgja or other animal spirit guides) etched into the tree near where I placed my hand. In addition to protection and warding, I associate Elhaz with connection to the divine realms and with the strength and power that come with strong relationships with the Gods and other beings of the Nine Worlds. So, intrigued by Elhaz’s presence on the tree, I flexed my awareness and noticed that each of the other oaks in the area had a different rune on it. I also observed that the treeline thickened to the northwest of my position, the trees there appearing taller and more slim (not oaks). Just as my awareness of the landscape peaked, I saw a cloaked figure in the distance. An inner voice told me it was Odin and I called out to him. He walked into the dense area of trees with a luring air about him, as though I should follow, but I did not know what to expect. I did not know if I was ready for what awaited me there. I did not know what might befall me there, for good or ill. And so, I returned to waking consciousness. To this very second, I regret not having followed where he would lead. Perhaps I will have a chance via the Wild Hunt to pick up where I left off?

Also, given the appearance of Elhaz in particular and all the other runes on the trees in the wood, I think that I may be able to return to that place to learn rune lore, especially about Elhaz since that was the rune most prominently featured during the journey.


5 thoughts on “Selenite Visions of Odin

  1. Greeting, beautiful wandering woman! Stumbled upon your website recently, very intriguing. I have always been drawn to ancient Egyptian gods & goddesses. But just recently it became time for me to learn the secrets of the Runes. I don’t know very much about the Norse gods, but I keep getting this feeling I need to learn more about Odin. I’d love to receive messages from him, as you and many others have. Just wondering if you could recommend and books or websites regarding the matter? Your two cents would be lovingly appreciated as well.

    Peace & Love,

  2. I really like the trees having different runes on them…very symbolic, I wonder if that is an actual part of a particular forest in the nine worlds?

    • That’s an excellent question. I am not sure. Perhaps, it is a feature of one of the forests in Asgard. I cannot be sure that is where I was, but I got the feeling of ascension into the upper realms of Yggdrasil. At this point, Asgard seems like a fair guess. Hmmm, very good question.

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