Building A Pagan Liturgy

As an active, community-oriented Pagan, I spend a great deal of time in ritual. I know well one regular ritual facilitator whose ability to craft the spoken word guarantees a beautiful and mystical journey into sacred space every time. Over the years, I have come to value ritual language that attempts to access the grandeur and wonder of this and the other worlds.  Having touched that greatness and awe myself, I keenly feel the need for sacred expression of those intangible qualities. I have seen talent for that level of verbal expression before in other ritual leaders but I have not felt it manifest within myself.

I began writing my personal Pagan liturgy over a year ago in an attempt to tap my inner poet and maybe even consort with the divine, but I still do not feel great about it. While searching online for how other Pagans think and feel about the rationale for and process of crafting a liturgy, I found this link:

Maybe it will be helpful and inspiring to others with similar interests. Hmmm, I think I feel a Rite to Mercury rising on the wind…


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