Hekate's Voice

As a part of the Night of Hekate ritual that I lead last night, I was supposed to take an omen to determine if Hekate was pleased with our offerings. Unfortunately, I forgot my tarot cards and so was “unable” to do so. When I got home, I decided to complete the omen, and if unfavorable make the necessary compensatory arrangements. I began to reach for my tarot cards and quickly decided instead to enter trance, ask my question, and then listen for Hekate’s  “voice”. I should frame this course of action by noting that I have been using my tarot cards as a bit of a crutch for deity communication. It is my belief that the gods speak and that every human being, with dedication and practice, can hear them. Well, I have been resorting to tarot cards (as a kind of intermediary between me and Hekate) rather than perking up an ear and paying attention on a regular basis to get some direct contact. So last night was the night to pay attention. I activated Hekate’s altar, sat on the floor, grounded and centered,  descended into trance (about a 5 minute process), asked my question, and then I waited.

About 60 seconds into the wait after I had already achieved trance, I could hear a voice, but was it her voice or mine (the critical question that birthed my dependence on the Tarot)? Before the question of me vs her fully entered my awareness, she said “yes, it’s me and the offerings were good”. I responded with thank you but was still quite skeptical because her voice inside my head  sounded like mine, I guess because it was what I wanted to hear. She then said that “the voice may sound like you but the sentiment, the meaning is mine”. Suddenly, a light went off in my head. For everyday, low level (i.e. not a deity possession or aspecting) deity contact, the deity will construct sentiment and meaning with the emotions and words floating around inside the devotee! We provide the legos and they make the cool structures out of them. That means that many times, the deity is going to sound like the person who’s asking the question in some ways! However, that does not mean that the sentiment/meaning is invalid or not actually originating with the god.

Hekate’s comment made so much sense to me, and there were three additional ways that I knew it was Hekate and not me: 1) her communication with me was more focused and intentional than my normal train of thought; 2) she was clear, precise, and succinct in her language. Frankly, my internal thinking tends to be at best one but usually none of those things at any one time; and 3)  while in trance I was aware of my body and I could sense a very light mist or veil (i.e. Hekate’s “corporeal” form as I often experience it) crowning my head, a light but firm pressure. That sensation is consistent with other manifestations of Hekate in my personal work with her.

Is this ironclad? No. Could I be duping myself still? Yes. However, the convergence of multiple sources of knowing and information makes that possibility significantly less likely than it would be if only one of these supporting points were present. Because I tend to be skeptical, I was able to see the evidence that pointed to another being beyond myself attempting to make contact. I was actually really surprised by those moments when I would trash a thought because I thought it was “just me makin’ stuff up” and then it would be whipped out of the mental trash can and put back on the table; those were Hekate’s way of saying “Hey, I was using that!”

I look forward to more talks with Hekate and sharpening my powers of discernment.


One thought on “Hekate's Voice

  1. I know exactly how you feel…every time I “ask” the gods a question and get that far-off look on my face, I’ve determined that I actually slip into a trance-like state for just a moment. I can’t ask them questions in a “normal” state of mind…I tried to ask once while driving. As I started to slip into the needed state of mind, I freaked out and stopped (mostly because I didn’t have a death wish).

    So…long story short. An actual trance state seems to be important in the beginning (maybe because we’re paying better attention then?) and possibly as you get more practiced you can multitask as you discuss with deity, drive, work a job, etc. It sounds like you’re on the right path…try not to second guess yourself about what constitutes a “real” message and what might be a random thought. Often your “random” thought is not as random as you think…

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