Yet Another Mercury Moment

I often feel the ebbs and flows, pushes and pulls of Mercury’s (the God) energy and influence through the movement of his corporeal emissary, Mercury (the planet). When it does its dance in the heavens, some part of my awareness perks up and wonders how it can join the celestial party. A portion of my consciousness definitely perked up on Tuesday, August 10th when the 4W Blue was running not just mostly on time but spot on time. It rolled up to the hub at 5:04PM where it is due to depart at 5:05PM. Right as 5:05PM struck, I was running past the post office, about 20 seconds away from my target…but alas, it was 5:05 and the bus was obligated to roll away with me only steps away from being able to board. This moment of timeliness, on the part of the bus not me, was a compliment to the morning route that I had taken which was also very much on time. Well, at 5:05PM having just missed the bus, I busied myself with other activities until the arrival of next route, the 5:25PM. Having learned my lesson, I gave myself a head start on the walk to the bus hub…and STILL ALMOST MISSED THE BUS. The bus rolled up at 5:24PM with me just managing to cross the street. I flashed my ID and walked to my seat as the clock struck 5:25PM and the driver pressed the gas pedal.

In previous posts I have mentioned the tardiness of the 4 Blue route. As you can see, again and again it proves to be a trusty measure of astrological events related to Mercury (and sometimes Saturn, too) :-D. When the 4 Blue route goes crazy, I start bustin’ out my trusty “Daily Planetary Guide”. Sure enough, Mercury was in Virgo, one of its two native signs (the other being Gemini) and the Moon was in Virgo. Virgo is a sign of order and rules, everything in its place, among other things. To have the planet of mind, communication, and transportation (Mercury) and the planet of heart, intuition, and gut feeling (Moon) in such a sign, well its a recipe for public transportation to be unapologetically on time and for good little workers to be absorbed in their projects. That was me, I was so taken by what I was working on that I did not pay attention to the fact that my bus was coming…and just might be on time! When I add these facts to the pressures of finishing my current research project, completing an article manuscript for publication, preparing for qualifying examinations, and drafting syllabi for the classes I am teaching this fall semester, Mercury in Virgo starts to come into horrifying focus. And now, for the real bomb…yesterday was the start of the storm period for Mercury as it slows down in preparation for, you guessed it, yet another (the third one for this year, actually) retrograde period. And can you guess what sign it will retrograde in? That’s right…Virgo!

Grab your pie charts, flash drives, bus schedules, and computer mice ’cause we’re in for it this time ladies and gents!

Just when I start to doubt Mercury, he demands that I remember that great is his power and far is his reach!!


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