Mercury: Divine Messenger

So, Mercury never ceases to intrigue and amaze me. A few months back, in April, I sat down and prepared to enter trance in order to connect more closely with him. I raised my inner voice, calling out to him. Suddenly, I was hit with images of Odin and information from him, moments after that I received an impression of Nerthus, a Norse Lady of Sovereignty who I just barely knew at the time and had no prior personal contact with. I was taken by Nerthus’ power (seems like such a small word really) and majesty but I was at a loss for what to do with all that wonder because my intention had been to speak with Mercury. So, I looked at her and just “took in” the experience, being sure to be respectful. As it turns out, it was just an announcement that she was “in town”. Basically, all she wanted me to do was just what I did which was stand their slack-jawed but appropriately contemplative.

In this situation, Mercury connected me to exactly who I needed to be in touch with. He used a connection that was already present (Odin) to relay the signal and form a new connection (Nerthus). Mercury had done this kind of switchboard work in the past…with Odin, only he served as the direct connection to Odin. That divine connection started because I had begun using Runes in association with Mercury, very briefly in late 2008; however, it did not feel right. Mercury then righted that wagon and sent me across Europe to Odinsland. I was and still am grateful for that redirection because my relationship with Odin has been beyond fantastic. Mercury has also done some other Mr. Telephone Man stuff but not so much with gods; it’s been with things like finding my animal guides and things like that. It started out as a fascination with the animals surrounding him and then it branched out from there. That wild ride led me to Coyote, Crow, and my fylgja aka Barn Owl.

It has been…interesting holding on to Mercury’s robes and seeing where he will take me next.


One thought on “Mercury: Divine Messenger

  1. You know, the first time I saw ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou,’ during the Escape from the Klan scene, when the presiding “priest” sings ‘O Death,’ I heard that line not as ‘O Death,’ but ‘Odin.’ Ha! Still, fits, lyrically, I suppose… ‘Odin, won’t you tide me over to another year…’

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