An Alternative to White Ceremonial Sage

For those of you who are aware of movements and shifts in energy, have you ever noticed that when you use White Ceremonial Sage to cleanse and purify a space, it has the added effect of nuking any shields and wards you’ve placed on your home?! I absolutely love sage, but this side effect is obnoxious because I have to go back and redo my shields and wards after workings that involve moderate to large amounts of sage. Given that I tend to entertain for witchy guests (who love sage) and facilitate several magickally related activities per month, you can imagine that I was itching for an alternative. So, being a bit of an herb witch, I concocted something that works beautifully. You get all of the cleansing without any standing, intentional, positive energy (i.e., wards and shields) being neutralized! The mix contains the following ingredients (proportions can be determined based on your preferences and/or particular magickal needs):


Frankincense works really well to banish and exorcise negativity and wayward spirits. It has the added benefit of raising the vibrations of the space which facilitates magickal work of many types.

White Oak Bark

White Oak Bark has a powerful masculine energy and is strongly protective, in an active sense. Once the space is cleared by the frankincense component, the White Oak Bark wards the space against later contamination.

White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark has a powerful feminine energy in my experience and is also protective. Further, being a magickal herb with traditional connections to witches and witchcraft, it aligns the space with those energies. Magick is afoot where Willow is concerned!

I have used the blend about three times now and it has continued to function as it was intended. The only drawback is that it does not have the lasting clearing effect of sage (because it does not mind wipe your space). It will last for the day that you use it (up to about 24 hours) but it will not endure for days and days (or longer) the way that a profound sage clearing does. For this reason, I recommend that when you do full-blown cleansings and purifications at key points in the year (e.g., Imbolg/Candlemas) that you use White Ceremonial Sage, wait a while and then establish any energetic barriers that you plan to erect. However, for simple everyday rituals within a well warded and shielded location, use a little of this alternative formula. Give it a try and leave a comment. Good luck!!

1 thought on “An Alternative to White Ceremonial Sage

  1. ” Given that I tend to entertain for witchy guests (who love sage) ” I love that part…*looks around guiltily*. Love the new look for your blog, too! I was inspired awhile back to start my own up. I am going to endeavor at keeping it regularly updated:

    Leave me some comments if you have any thoughts on my entries!

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