Drawing Down the Moon: Hekate

The following is drawn from my personal journal entry about a drawing down the moon ritual that four of my friends and I performed on March 6th in my living room (within a cast circle complete with quarters).

We all felt the need to commune with the goddess as we each entered important transitions in our lives. We had initially decided to invite “the goddess” generally speaking, allowing whichever goddess who wanted to show up to manifest. Following the circle casting and quarter calls, the Ladies who decided to attend our rite were Hera, Isis, and Hekate. Each of these Ladies is a patroness of one of the women in attendance. Hera and Isis were drawn down onto their respective daughters. We recorded divine and human reactions to the process and noted ways that we might improve it in the future.

During the proceedings summarized above the room was heavy and hot with goddess energy. As the other women in the circle were attempting to connect to their goddesses, I was communing with the goddess energy in the room. I could feel the energy pulling me, threatening to sweep me up. I dragged myself away because I did not feel ready to take on the mantle of the goddess. When it comes to direct contact with deity, I begin to feel weak and incapable. I had avoided goddess energy once before within a drawing down context. This time, it did not look like I was going to escape. My friend, who was pretty much leading the ritual, basically told me to do it. I did not resist too much because by that point, I could feel a strong, relentless pull toward the floor. By the time my butt touched the ground I felt heavier, hotter, and more grounded than I ever have in my Pagan life. I think that Nerthus helped me with this part (random I know).

Under the weight of the grounding/trance, I could not move my body. Only my neck and head seemed to really move at all, swaying slightly as the goddess – Hekate – began her descent.  As she entered my mind, my breath quickened and grew heavier. It was not uncomfortable at all; it was ecstatic. I was actually surprised by how good it felt; however, it was a little creepy to entertain the idea that another consciousness was about to supersede my own. As my anxiety attempted to reenter the room, I worked to calm my fears and step out of my own consciousness so that I could be more of an objective observer of the events rather than directly invested. Fears adequately calmed, Hekate settled over/into me like a delicate black and silver-gold mist. My eyes sunk shut for the transition. When they opened again they were hers.

I remember being able to see through her eyes. The room took on a golden white hue with flecks of color from people’s auras. I also remember talking to her in the back of my own head (super strange sensation!) while she surveyed the room. She was able to answer two questions before the connection between the two of us began to slip as a result of shear excitement on my part (which dragged me out of trance sooner) and physical fatigue. In the time that she was answering questions, she spoke slowly and softly. I did not then and do not remember now the details of what she told each person who offered a question. However, I do remember that she did not tell the querent what they should do but instead guided them to perspectives that allowed them to realize their ability to cope with (and change or move through) the situation in question. In a nutshell, she offered guidance not prescriptions. Overall, my personal experience with Hekate was very intense and lasted no more than ten minutes.

Looking back, this was one of my most sacred experiences. I want to improve this ability and train to serve as a gateway for other gods who wish to venture into this realm with messages for their human charges.


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