I am a practicing eclectic Pagan and Witch in Champaign-Urbana, IL. I have been studying the Craft since February 1998 and have learned a great deal on my journey. I have also been blessed to meet a number of dynamic and devoted Pagans from many different paths. Everyone I have met on this road has taught me something about magick, myself, and/or life in general. Each day, I learn and grow on my personal spiritual path and plan to do so until the day I surrender my last breath.

This blog is a kind of next step in my development toward wholeness and optimum witch-ness. What is important to me now is telling my story, documenting my magico-spiritual successes and failures, and continuing to connect with other people in the world. I figured that a blog would be a great way to accomplish all of these things! I have tried blogging in the past but I will confess now that I was not ready for it. It takes a degree of self-assuredness and discipline to put yourself out there in some regular and reasonable way. I was lacking in both self-assuredness and discipline until recently, and I will not lie, I have not unlocked the blessed gates of unconditional self-love. Right now, I’m still clanking feverishly through the key ring. I think that this blog will help me to discover the right key for me.


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